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Help us inspire youth in promoting cyber citizenship and leadership, and ending all forms of bullying through filmmaking and social action. When you make a contribution to the NO BULL Challenge, you’re making an investment in young people around the world in becoming Change Makers Reaching Millions.


Contributions to the NO BULL Challenge support scholarships, student ambassadors/interns, education and social media campaigns.


NO BULL Scholarships


NO BULL video award winners receive scholarships which are directed to accredited colleges/universities where recipients are officially accepted or attending.


NO BULL Student Ambassadors/Interns


Students selected by NO BULL Challenge gain the opportunity to build a resume for future success by developing the highly sought-after soft skills by employers, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, organizational and leadership skills. NO BULL ambassadors represent NO BULL Challenge at school and community functions and anti-bullying conferences and forums nationally. They organize such events as school and college rallies and actively participate in social media campaigns.


NO BULL Education


Fund supports the NO BULL Academy’s mission to help expand NO BULL’s presence and reach into schools and colleges and to respond to school and community organizations’ requests in support of their cyber citizenship education and anti-bullying efforts.


NO BULL Social Media Reach


Fund allows NO BULL Challenge to remain abreast of cutting-edge technology and to continuously expand and enhance its social media engagements and reach.


Now, more than ever, your support matters!



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