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No Bull Challenge Global Awareness

Over the last 3 years, NO BULL has reached over 65 million social media impressions, spreading global awareness throughout the US to Japan, Germany, Africa, Australia, the UK and beyond. 

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HQ = Washington, D.C.




It's often a life altering experience that compels us to take action. For me, it was after my teenage daughter survived a devastating bullying episode on Facebook & by text, which lead to a serious physical confrontation. First I wrote a book for parents to better understand what can happen if we fail to be pro-active parents (like I had been), and then I realized it's not the parents that need to change, rather it was our children... which is when I came up with the idea of a video contest and started the Great American NO BULL Challenge, back in 2011.


The NO BULL Challenge is a leadership and social action organization that inspires teens and young adults from around the world to say NO BULL, by taking a stand against all things HATEFUL, through taking a leadership role and leveraging the power of filmmaking.


NO BULL provides the framework and motivation to develop powerful short films and public service announcements that spark dialogue and deliver positive messaging around subjects such as bullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, inequality, suicide, Internet addiction, LGBT and Obesity, which are all critical issues that students face every day.


Through digital and social media, we provide students the platform, incentives, and tools to create a global network for peer-to-peer activation.  


Why? Because change starts at the student level. 


By addressing the YouTube generation through visual and social media, created for and by them, the message is heard, shared and most importantly, received in ways that affect real change.


Nominated and winning filmmakers are recognized in their school and community which includes the opportunity to host their very own Film Festival or Video Awards Celebration.

I'm thrilled to report that in conjunction with the 2014-2017 Video awards, our #NOBULLnation, social media campaign, recorded over 80 million social impressions. SparkReel, our technology partner, has dubbed the NO BULL Challenge, “a social movement with serious impact.”


Impact Where it Counts the Most:


The NO BULL Challenge focuses on building leadership skills, raising awareness and inspiring positive social action on issues affecting today's youth such as: bullying, violence, drug/alcohol abuse, LGBT, suicide, etc. We encourage students to say NO BULL to any issues and share their stories however and wherever they interact—including social media, and on school campuses.


Our goal is to continuously expand both our social media presence as well as our physical presence where students congregate.  Video participants, selected national spokespersons, NO BULL's Ambassador, NO BULL Change Agents and our non-profit partners take the NO BULL message to various locations throughout the U.S.  From video showings to speaking engagements and educational workshops at schools events, our student-centric engagements are intended to produce the multiplier impact.


Our comprehensive multi-prong strategy and approach of the video contest, Together, the NO BULL Academy, our call-to-action platform and reach, NO BULL's Student Internship Program create a powerful combination that's empowering students to change the world for the better.


I'm grateful to our NO BULL Guys, our NO BULL Ambassador, NO BULL's Change Agents, our participating students and to all of our community partners, educators and advocates across the country who help us in spreading the NO BULL message.  I invite you too to join us in promoting and supporting the Great American NO BULL Challenge.


I hope you're ready to take the NO BULL Challenge! 


Shawn Edgington


Shawn Edgington is a successful entrepreneur, acclaimed author of “The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media,”

and the founder of The Great American NO BULL Challenge.

A Message from Shawn Edgington, our Founder

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