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Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

Best PSA - Bianca Cole 

Best Short Film: Kathryn Vastano

Golden Ticket - Miranda Patterson 




Founded in 2011, The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a leadership and social action organization. We use the power of filmmaking combined with social media to inspire change at the student level. 


NO BULL is powered by the voices of students (ages 15-24) through short video documentaries and PSAs that students write and produce about important issues like Bullying, Violence, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Inequality, Suicide, Internet & Gaming Addiction, LGBT, and Obesity.


NO BULL's videos are created by students and have life far beyond its annual video contest. They are the basis for sustaining the NO BULL movement by spreading awareness through social media, via no-cost educational, and from peer-to-peer engagements within schools and communities.



While the genesis of the organization is rooted in helping to end all forms of bullying, NO BULL strives to empower students to stand up and say NO BULL to important issues that matter the most in their school or community by using the power of filmmaking to share or tell a story.    


The NO BULL experience provides students the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, organization and teamwork skills, and to earn recognition, prizes and college scholarships.


We value the voices of youth and the positive role they can play in making our world a better place and invite you to check out our NO BULL global video contest, The Teen Video Awards, Education Conference, NO BULL Academy, and our video-rich education resources. 


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