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We at NO BULL ask you to say NO BULL to whatever the problem is- create a film or Public Service Announcement that is powerful and insightful. One that can create change, on you level and in your community. 


  • What's troubling you or your friends in your school/community?

  • Has there been an ongoing problem that seems to keep rearing its ugly head?

  • Or maybe there's a new issue or problem that needs to be tackled?


Topic Ideas to Consider Tracking: 


  • Bullying, Crime and violence, physical or online abuse

  • The importance of human kindness

  • Suicide prevention

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

  • Internet Addiction

  • Campus Safety

  • The power of education

  • The importance of moral values

  • NO hatred allowed

  • Obesity/Body Image

  • LGBT

  • Equality 

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Texting while driving

  • The power of standing up & shining the light on important issues


These are just a few ideas to consider. BE CREATIVE AND BE POSITIVE! Create your short film or PSA that speaks to the importance of raising awareness and can inspire change on the issues that are most affecting students everywhere.

Lamorne Morris (Winston/New Girl) Discusses the Importance of Getting Involved and Empowering Others to Promote Change

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